Benefits of dating a tall guy

I once had a girlfriend that was 6ft 5", and she was a lovely person.So, yeah, dating a tall girl has some really good advantages and you would think they are the best until a particular short girl came my way.We laugh a lot and allow things slide.10) If u ain't dating a tall lady, you need to step up your game I learnt that tall girls or women generally are way too lazy and dull. Short women are more hard working than their tall counterpart.Short girls are also intelligent and sharper than tall ppl use 2 say dat wen u tall 2much lyk ab iroko dia is every possibility dat u will outgrow ur senses.....So you see, 90% of girls are looking out for 10% of the men and they tell the rest they don't have any interest in men sef.To me o, for purpose of children, a short man (5'7" or less) should not have a child with a short woman.

Luckily if u tall as well we make a perfect couple, if u short we bend to kiss u, you cant put your hands around our shoulders to intimidate us, it's actually very romantic when we put our hands around your shoulder and plant a peck on your cheeks!

I am slightly above that height and I must have only a partner of maximum one inch shorter.

I don't want a possible son to suffer the hell I went through Jadekitana: I just saw a thread with mostly short girls trying to give themselves hope!

But i still aint got no type just bad bitch*es with a lil bit of height, minimum 5"8.

Babysho:you didn't even dish those short girls enough oh; what about a tall girl in bikini is just like a hot dog in shawarma.....tall girls can take up a 100% of the jobs or career of short girls while shorties cannot e.g Modelling, basketball and the tall ones even look better at some.a tall doctor[hot]...

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