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This work is registered with UK Copyright Service Registration No: 284709028 The Shetland Christian family, here in our Islands, has a truly multi-faceted and diverse history and even the ‘Here and Now’ of our Church life today is a healthy mix of Services, Home Meetings, various Styles of Praise and Worship, and Social Activities alongside Charity and Mission Support Programme’s which are sometimes Traditional, sometimes Innovative, sometimes Charismatic, sometimes Conservative, often Outreaching and Community minded, and ever expressing a thankfulness for the privilege of living in a place in which we can enjoy freedom of expression, fellowship and worship.

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] (1) Although the territorial extent of pictland did reach northwards as far as Shetland there is no reliable record, discovered thus far, that ' St Ninian' himself ever walked or ministered in these islands. Connected to this settlement were numberless offshoots and dependent houses all united to one another by ties of fraternal affection and they considered themselves to be members of one family.

Before Columba left Ireland for Scotland, he visited Inishmurray on the west coast of Ireland to take counsel with Bishop Molaise.

We apologise for any un-referenced text which might have slipped through the net .

We will give our full attention to amending the oversight of any such text which we are made aware of. [ When the Romans finally left Britain, sometime around AD 446, it appeared as if the country would speedily lapse into that degraded state of barbarism out of which it had only begun to emerge.

At the time the islands were called Pictland (terra Petorum). Last accessed 18/08/2015 By 900AD, here in Shetland, there is evidence that the Norse Vikings were turning to this new Christian Religion.

And the Papae have been named from their white robes, which they wore like priests; whence priests are all called Papae in the Teutonic tongue. Evidence of this mingling of Scandinavian and Celtic elements can be seen on the Bressay Stone the Papil stone the Monks stone and a ninth century warriors grave at Whiteness was within the walls of a Christian Churchyard. Ola's, Loch of Strom) This mingling however, was not to the liking of ‘Olaf Trygvasson’, the king of Norway, for sometime prior to 995 Christianity, in the form of Popery, had been forcibly embossed on the Norse Vikings by Trygvasson.

Of these, the one race the Picts, little exceeding pygmies in stature; they did marvels in the morning and in the evening in building walled towns, but at mid-day they entirely lost all their strength, and lurked ,through fear, in little underground houses.

This stone was found purely by chance in 1852 by a labourer digging a waste piece of ground near to St. This stone was apparently the memorial to the daughter of a Pictish Chieftain, Naddod, and is inscribed with ogham script which has never been fully deciphered.

These photos are of the replica stone placed in the Cullingsbourgh graveyard which is near to the site where it was actually found.

Bishop Molaise encouraged him to carry out his missionary calling and in the year 562, Columba set sail for Caladonia accompanied by around a dozen companions.] (4) The ruined Abby of Iona (copyright free photo) [Almost nothing remains of Columba's original Monastery however traces of the ditch (or vellum) that surrounded the Monastic enclosure can still be seen. Not finding one, he travelled extensively throughout the Orkneys and Shetlands, perhaps the Faroes, and "beyond the limits of human wanderings". Pictured below is the Monastic site at the Birrier of West Sandwick in Yell..

Inside would have been a settlement resembling a small village - a modest timber church surrounded by huts for the monks to live and work in and small cells to provide the solitude necessary for prayer. From then till the Reformation (1560) the Benedictines revitalised the Columbian cult on Iona. [ St Cormac became a disciple of St Columba and in one of his journeys he visited his mentor at Iona. Cormac returned to Ireland and became Abbot of the monastery at Durrow, where he was laid to rest ] (6) (6) Transalpine Redemptorists. Along some of Shetlands more rugged shores there are high offshore stacks (detached cliffs) where groups of small square or rectangular foundations, some as small as 2m x 3m were built in turf or stone. uk last accessed 18/08/2015 These stones are thought to have been erected sometime during the 8th to 9th century.

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