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This can be a useful tool in an investment portfolio, but not recommended for beginners, if you are interested in trading options, be sure to do your homework. The power of compound interest is astounding – the earlier you take advantage the more it will work for you.

If you start out earlier, you can start with less, invest less and still end up making more than if you started out later.

Keep using the strategies that have consistently made people rich over the years, don’t look to follow the new and exciting strategies that haven’t yet stood the test of time.

Considering your situation and the situations of the people that you depend on or depend on you, you can adjust the number of months accordingly, but 6 is a good ballpark number.

This will also depend on how many bills you need to pay. Return The first step in the investment process is to figure out what sort of Return on Investment (ROI) that you are seeking and to determine what level of risk that you are willing to take.

The risk that you are willing to take and the size of the ROI that you receive are correlated.

In order to take a higher risk, you must have a reasonable chance of a higher return.

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