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Me and Luke went to the park after school on a Friday with a few other friends. "Let's just go with it." "Okay," he said to me, as he got up on his knees.

We all fucked about and played sport until around 7pm when we all decided to go home. He moved me further up the bed so I was further upright on the pillows and went down on me.

I started at the back, sliding them over his soft ass, feeling his cheeks in the palm of my hands.Yes, my girlfriend loves to tease me playing with her pussy and ass and I like to watch my girlfriend masturbate in front of me.I like to see how she pleases herself, it looks hot and makes me horny! He was in nothing but his striped pink and grey boxer briefs, and his huge, soft bulge was right in front of my eyes. I got on my knees and got hold of his waistband, before pulling his tracksuit bottoms down to his ankles, and he stepped out of them.

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I wouldn't say no to a fuck right now to be honest." "Well then, wanna come mine? I was wearing a pair of light grey boxer briefs, and my dick was still soft. I was kinda self conscious about my body so I slowly pulled them down.

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