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He is a charming and generally self-assured young man.” It concluded: “I feel he has great potential and the determination to make the most of that potential.” Osmayev, a Muslim like the majority of Chechens, showed little sign of political or religious zeal during his time in England.

He counted Russians among his friends at Wycliffe, and appeared to pray only when an Iman paid the occasional visit to the school.

The Chechen students also loved to barbecue or bring out bottles of vodka and spend long evenings drinking around the kitchen table.

“There were never any problems or violence,” said Mrs Workman.

Robert Workman, who had retired from his career in the Borneo logging industry, volunteered with his Malaysian-born wife Theresa to act as guardians to some of the youngsters, including the young Osmayev.

Mr Workman, now 75, told The Telegraph: “Adam was a great lad.

The pair of leaders shook hands for the cameras in front of the Palace of Versailles, but their body language appeared tense.

“They just liked to enjoy themselves.” Adam eventually sat his A-levels and did well enough to go on and study economics at the University of Buckingham.

One of his last school reports from Wycliffe stated: “Throughout his time in the Sixth Form, Adam has set himself high standards; usually he has managed to meet them.

Though his father fled abroad, Osmayev remained in Moscow, where in 2007 he was accused of plotting to kill Kadyrov.

The case collapsed for lack of evidence and Osmayev moved to Ukraine, where in February 2012 he was arrested once again and this time charged in connection with a foiled plot to assassinate President Putin with an attack on his motorcade.

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