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There is a third state in this world, about which any assertion, no matter how absurd, is believable: the HSE.

Kevin Myers THERE are some events to which press photographers should not be invited.

A BAD few days for Brian O'Driscoll: replaced as Irish skipper on Thursday, out of the Heineken Cup on Sunday, and easing into his 35th year yesterday.

Moreover, the new skipper, Jamie Heaslip, is clearly his own father's son.

Colonel Dick Heaslip is one of the finest and most scandalously under-promoted soldiers this Republic has ever produced. Lincoln: an interesting place-name, combining the Celtic "Linn" meaning "pool, (as in Dub-lin) with the Latin "colonia", "settlement", abbreviated to "coln" (as in Koln, or Cologne).

Thus Lincoln was originally a Roman settlement beside a pool: maybe some lingering imperial DNA explains the bellicosity of the eponymous US president, the portrayal of whom has...

Roddy Doyle and the Nigerian writer Bisi Adigun co-wrote an adaptation of Synge's greatest work, in which the central character of Christie Mahon was rendered as a Nigerian asylum seeker. David Mc Williams' excellent column on Wednesday reveals where we are walking: on the airport concourses to cross-channel departure gates, with 10 million people flying annually between Ireland and Britain. She and her sister Marian possessed in their youth a glorious inner glow that Kodak's light-sensitive chemicals strove in vain to capture.

Just 58 years ago this coming Tuesday, Smith, a US test pilot, decided to spend his Saturday morning dropping some clothes off at the laundry.

"If we are to be honestly true to the legacy of Jim Larkin, it behoves us to abandon our sectarian comfort zones." Kevin Myers FINALLY, finally, some sense has prevailed in the Army's relationship with the British army.

The deployment of a handful of Army soldiers on a training mission in Mali with soldiers of the Royal Irish...

So I naturally attempted to look Staunchly Protestant, with the Reformed...

Kevin Myers IF the proposed Bus Eireann strike ever goes ahead, it will be a heaven-sent chance for that still-tethered but creative beast that is the private transport sector.

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"Now is the winter of our discount-tent, made glorious summer by this sun of York!

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