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They're horny, they're curious, they love being with other guys in general, and sometimes in certain situations those elements all combine to create male on male experimentation - their heterosexuality is not then altered anymore than my homosexuality diminished or changed just because I stuck my penis in several girls in addition to guys freshman and sophomore year of college. Regardless of how you identify yourself, your activity shows who you really are.

I identify myself as homosexual, but I cannot deny that I have had at least two strong crushes on women before.

I had only had gay sex with another male up until then.

I had sex with women mostly out of curiosity and because they pursued me and I went with it.

Same-sex sexual activity did not necessitate a reconsideration of sexual identity for four reasons: 1.

– Participants stated the sexual activity was not their fault or beyond their personal control, such as inebriation or the unplanned outcome of an argument with a wife or female romantic partner Also, while engaging in the sexual behavior, the subjects avoided kissing, hugging, talking to the other male (or even looking at him), and leaving immediately following sex.[iv] Similar findings were found throughout a series of interviews with non-gay identified MSM prepared for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in 2004. I am a woman and I have never "accidentally" had sex with another woman, or man for that matter. Now I have tried the "mistake" excuse, but husband didn't buy it.

And, yes, it often includes cuddling, making out (I made out with straight guys who were only interested in giving me head) and sometimes a degree of emotional connection.

While a small percentage of these guys probably are closeted, most of them are not.

Although he broke up with his gf while we were involved he continued to sometimes hook up with girls.

They're so old and so huge they qualify for a pension and disability.

-Tell your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and neighbours to check out ORSM-DOT-NET otherwise my friend Ray will stare very, very innappropriately at your children.

Such as men who after many years of marriage find themselves in a "sex-less" marriage but in my situation I stumbled upon yet another classification of sexual opportunity.

I found there are a significant number of young men from age 18-35 who like the "Coach and or Daddy figure sexually." Ironically I think of myself as the least attractive and the least appealing as I have added weight and lessened in appearance YET there are a group of good looking, and even often athletic young men who seek the Coach-Daddy type of image! All men have an ego and at this point in my life I am getting that ego taken care of by college age guys that find my desirable.

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These men determined same-sex sexual activity did not challenge their heterosexual identity because:[v] In tally, the men interviewed reported that if sexual activity between men was anonymous, experimental, occasional, or if substance use was involved, the act was not “gay.” Finally, while there is conflicting data, it appears that non-gay identified MSM engage in high levels of drug and alcohol use.[vi] Many in fact engage in sexual activity with other men as a means of obtaining financial resources to procure such substances. Harawa et al, Sexual Behavior, Sexual Identity, and Substance Abuse. My friend Bruce and I were walking down the street, he slipped on a banana peel, and when he landed somehow his dingaling just happened to end up in my rear. Self reporting always creates highly unreliable sometimes nonsensical results, as seen in the studies mentioned in the article.

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