Is jessica origliasso dating billy corgan

"When I did the speech for the last marriage-equality rally I was dating a boy," she stated.

"I remember writing the speech thinking that I'm treated as a fully equal citizen.

Now purely because of the gender of the person I am in love with, I have those rights taken away." She said that she does not like people calling her a fake lesbian, stating, "I'm not going to be tricked into feeling like I have to make a statement about something because everyone wants confirmation." She added, "I'll just live my life how I want.

If they want to call me a fake lesbian and degrade my sexuality and my choices, go ahead, I’ll just ignore it." Jessica and Lisa also joined a "Wear it with Pride" campaign to reform same-sex laws in Australia for the 85 legislative changes made in 2010 to overturn discrimination against same-sex couples and their families.

Ruby Rose reunited with her rumored ex/longtime friend Jessica Origliasso (right) in El Lay on Wednesday — and we've got the adorable picture to prove it!

In case you don't remember, the actress was believed to be dating Jess back in 2008 after the two were spotted out and about on numerous occasions.

Jessica Louise Origliasso (born 25 December 1984) is an Australian singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion designer.

Dating Rose deepened Origliasso's passion for marriage equality.

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Jess penned: Tags: jessica origliasso, lisa origliasso, orange is the new black, ruby rose, the veronicas Singers and animal lovers The Veronicas were thrilled to hear Australian designer Rachel Gilbert's decision to go fur-free, so much so they sent her a a bouquet of flowers.

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