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My parents have had a rocky marriage, my dad cheated on my mom several times and she chose to stay with him because she loved him and because she wanted myself and my siblings to grow up with a father.I think I was about 18 when she told me this (I'm 25) and it took me months to process.

This first affair stamped my sense of what a relationship should be.Back then, because I had very difficult parents who did not pay me much attention, her interest brought enormous relief. I would write down lists of things I wanted to tell her.The woman was 40 and she began picking me up at the local library and taking me to her house.My parents' relationship was actually great for the last several years, they finally found a counselor that helped them and they started communicating much better.However, she told only me (and not my brothers) that she slept with one of her coworkers about two years ago, she mentioned (although did not try to justify her behavior) that it was an emotional/drunk mistake and that my dad had told her he was no longer interested in sex and that they should have a platonic relationship (I think this may have been temporary).

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I take life as it comes, a blend of modern and traditional values. Thank you so much once again for making my life even more beautiful with your presence.

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  1. Fortunately, by taking steps to keep your personal information private, being cautious when it comes to interacting with people you meet online, and ending communication with people who threaten you, you’ll be better able to safeguard yourself from predators.