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Violent volcanic activity is not far in Nevada’s past, geologically speaking, leaving craters, cinder cones and lava flows across the state.

Indicators of the seething activity beneath the crust, 312 hot springs bubble to the surface across the Silver State, more than in any other state.

Several warm-water springs and creeks in Southern Nevada provide protected habitat for tiny native fish and other rare creatures.

National wildlife refuges at Warm Springs in Moapa Valley and Ash Meadows near Amargosa protect varieties of endangered fish, including the Devil’s Hole pupfish.

No trains stop in Caliente these days, but the railroad is still prominent.

The two-story depot now houses city offices, a library and an art center.

Early native people made good use of them, taking healthful soaking baths in warm mineralized springs, cooking in springs too hot for bathing and using the hot water to help shape wooden tool and weapon handles and to process other natural materials to make many useful implements.

Encompassing most of the Great Basin, Nevada contains more individual mountain ranges than any other state, most running north and south, and many pushed up very high by movement in the Earth’s crust.

The Carson Hot Springs in Carson City also date to pioneer times. In Central Nevada south of Austin, pools remain from an old resort at Spencer’s Hot Spring in Smoky Valley, popular today with tired hikers, bikers, trail riders and off-highway explorers.

Other popular privately developed springs include Bailey’s Hot Springs north of Beatty on U. Highway 95 and the Hot Springs Motel and the Agua Caliente RV Park in Caliente on U. Hot springs near Las Vegas that have enduring appeal include the wading pool, creek and picnic facilities at Rogers Spring along Lake Mead’s Northshore Road.

93, Caliente welcomes travelers with visitor services and access to many regional attractions, including five state parks within easy reach. This rural Nevada community deserves a closer look.

The new town was named Calientes after the natural hot springs at the site.

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