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Like most of these tips suggest, the best way to find a date is to be active in the LGBTA community.

I met my boyfriend through our college’s LGBTA center, and my “Bi–it’s not a myth” pin has raised plenty of interesting conversations.

Most college towns only have one gay bar for miles, attracting people from the community who you may not have met otherwise.Datebound allows non-gender binary (you have more options than simply male/female) and helps you find people without leaving your couch, a must for lazy people like me. Most campuses have at least one LGBTA group on campus, oftentimes pertaining to particular subsets of the LGBTA community.These clubs, relating to LGBTA outreach, different races in the LGBTA community and support groups, often work in conjunction with the LGBTA center on campus.Sometimes you can't realize you are until you've tried a relationship with the other sex. A relationship depends on how you feel about each other, regardless of sex or orientation. I mean yeah of course, but I was assuming that they're in a happy relationship where they have feelings for each other, otherwise I don't feel like the question would need to be asked.Especially since if they already identify themselves as gay and lesbian, it wouldn't appear that they needed this relationship to realise it.

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