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Otherwise, under normal conditions cake makeup should last on the skin until you remove it. Certain colors may leave a residue on the skin but it will fade within an hour.The main differences between the brands of cake makeup like Kryolan, Wolfe, Snazaroo, FAB, and Paradise is color and consistency.So when choosing between the brands of cake make up, our first advice is to search for your favorite colors from each brand and build a kit of colors you feel most comfortable using.Cream and grease makeup have been used in theatre, clowning and special effects for over 65 years.Many believe that liquid make up is easier to use because it does not require any prep to use it, the main limitation is that there is less of a blend time due to the fast drying nature of the paint.To use in your airbrush it is recommended that you thin slightly with either distilled water or mixing liquid.The main distinguishing factor between brands is color.Kryolan, Wolfe, TAG and Faz Mataz make UV/Neon colors, where FAB, Paradise and Snazaroo do not offer those colors.

Using Starblend red powder, you would apply the red powder to the skin using a smoothie blender and then using your cake makeup paint directly on top of the powder to create the webbing and line work.Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different types of paint . Cake makeup blends easily, and is available in several colors including metallic and neon colors.Cake makeup does not need to be "set" like cream make up.Powders are cost effective and practical because they allow you to apply a fast background base without using water or sponging.They also eliminate drying time associated with liquid or cake make up.

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