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If any semblance of order is to return after the conflicts subside, citizens and states must forge new social contracts that establish accountability and energize systemic political and economic reform.

Mina, a twenty-four-year-old teacher from Syria, is caught between her past, an unfamiliar European present, and an uncertain future.

Second, the rule of law must apply equally to all, whether majorities or minorities.

Why has internal and regional conflict become so widespread and so brutal in the region?

What would more accountable social contracts between citizens and states look like, and how can Arab countries take advantage of their human capital?

That means governments must foster a sense of citizenship that values diversity, rather than promoting narrow forms of nationalism that emphasize the preeminence of certain groups over others.

A vital factor in reinforcing citizenship is acknowledging the rights of women by anchoring these rights in constitutions and legislation.

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Arab countries need to focus on creating strong national identities that can trump all other allegiances.

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