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The Association of British Travel Agents has questioned whether unscrupulous claims management company owners will simply be allowed to carry on operating as before.ABTA director of public affairs Alan Wardle said: ‘While it’s great this action has been taken, we need to make sure the owners of these companies cannot simply set up shop again and carry on as before.’The Mo J launched its investigation into alleged ‘fraudulent and criminal activity’ after a 500 per cent increase in claims by Britons in the past 18 months.When I was a stranger" – meaning an immigrant or refugee – "you welcomed me".' A visibly irritated Bannon took on that argument Tuesday in Hong Kong.'"Welcome a stranger" is one thing,' Bannon said, referring to a command from Jesus Christ in the New Testament, 'but "welcome illegal aliens into your country" is very different.And so arises that curious, self-defeating phenomenon, the multiculturalist intellectual.

The figures are based on 750,000 British holidaymakers and 800,000 Germans.

'They all put it in these moral precepts that – you know, these people – it's about the sovereignty of your country, right?

'Bannon said he had 'absolutely zero' regrets about crossing swords with his own Christian denomination.'The capitalists that bring them here are for cheap labor,' he said of illegal immigrants.

The body also found evidence of solicitors carrying out malpractice and has shared its findings with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

This newspaper has previously exposed firms which encourage holidaymakers to say they fell ill on holiday.

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