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Forget hammers and screwdrivers — i Phones are the most important tool of our times.But do you wield yours like a pro, or do your thumbs fumble its screen like an amateur?The best way to make it work better is to give it the finger — just one of them.Instead of setting up Touch ID with multiple fingers like i OS encourages, scan and rescan your thumb (the only digit most people typically use on the home button) multiple times.

Never mind pecking in the proper email address as you’re trying to text or email yourself.

Essentially a ‘sleep’ function, this can help you fall asleep to music or movies.

(It even works with media on the You Tube app.) Stretch Your i Phone’s Power Consider it the smartphone equivalent of hypermiling, the (somewhat dangerous) practice of getting the most out of every drop of gasoline in a car.

For instance, program “OMW” to display as “on my way,” “addy” to spew forth your mailing address, and more.

Unfortunately obscured passwords (the ones that appear as dots) don’t accept Text Replacement, but usernames are fair game. Siri can actually remember your contacts’ relationships to you, if you tell your phone who is who.

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