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Although there are plenty of exceptions, the majority of Flash Games on Newgrounds clearly fall into one of several genres and subgenres.

Flash Authors can pick from one of dozens of genres and subgenres when submitting their work.

Hop and Bop games like Super Mario Crossover and the Fancy Pants series put an emphasis on using a specific ability, jumping, to defeat enemies.

These games borrow elements from Classical titles such as Mario, and often put an emphasis on precision or trial and error rather than exploration or puzzle solving.

These games introduce RPG elements Horizontal Flight games have the player control a flying object, usually traveling from left to right, shooting enemies in the front along the way.

This is probably the most diverse subgenre of Flash Games on Newgrounds, drawing inspiration from a huge crowd of console video games.

The Action genre also includes several other genres, including Shooters and Platformers.

Popular Action games on Newgrounds include the Fancy pants series and Castle Crashing the Beard.

These games often feature a number of levels, and features relatively simple combat.

They may also borrow some elements from Adventure games, though the focus remains primarily on the action.

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Some genres, such as Puzzle Platformers, combine aspects of Action games with other genres.

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