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I find that with this mascara I have to apply at least two to three coats for it to show up on my lashes.I love how natural this mascara makes my lashes look!hot brunette with a perfect smile and angel face gets her extremely tight ass fucked 4u2with the perfect smile and body, this skinny brunette starts by introducing herself and left to suck a strangers cock.he doesnt waste anytime and begins to insert his cock into her super tight asshole.but alice has a problem with dina39s openness about her sexuality. Yes, I’ve tried tons of mascaras and I have a few favourites, but I will never say no to trying out new ones! As I am blessed with very long natural lashes, I normally go for more volumizing mascaras instead of the ones that claim to lengthen.

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4U2 Cosmetics is a brand of Bel*Air Cosmetics USA and has established a strong presence in Thailand and Philippines.

We’ve never tried anything from the brand before, so it was pretty exciting for us to be able to test out their new Glitz Shimmer Mascara. The mascara tube itself is pretty tiny, so when I pulled out the wand, I was surprised to see how huge it is!

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