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Those I have been in on-line classes with are adults and some of them have difficulty structuring their time for class, class material and assignments.There are those, and a lot of people are in this category, who do not have the discipline necessary for the on-line environment and these are adults in graduate degree classes.Carr-Chellman, but I fail to understand how decades of publisher-controlled and poorly conceived textbook roll outs (at a cost of or more per book) seems to be fine with her and others who think similarly, yet these same folks feel queasy about the millions potentially to be earned by online producers. It is often less expensive per pupil to do things virtually, although start up costs are likely higher, the annual or periodic updates or changes do not require the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a district.And since charters are underfunded significantly across the country–we don’t all have generous donations from the various foundations–the inclusion of virtual materials is a huge cost savings.And parents consistently give high approval of choice options, so there has to be a great deal more to all of this than meets the eye. It is not fine that there are these sorts of people like that CEO, but they do exist. Those of us in education who are not afraid of innovation and who stick with doing what we feel is best for kids overwhelm the folks just in it for a buck because they only see money to be made and we see it as investments for the future success of all students. My point that not all of us involved with virtual education are the same, not do we want to be.Otherwise, thanks for a great spread of ideas, concerns and the promise of possibilities for all kids. (Unless by making that sort of money, we have increased student achievement!

Moving the money towards those the powers that be Want the money to go to as opposed to supporting the traditional school boards, teacher unions, community supported school environments that currently exist.NOTE: Information you supply on this page will only be used to send this email.We request your name and email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail.It is regrettable that although this is the most powerful mode of online learning, it is least often used in traditional school settings.It’s time to transform schools into 21st century learning organizations, where we fully embrace all three learning purposes and modes.

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