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Apel again chose the outside lane for the restart but this time Griesbach was ready and he kept even with the leader as the green flag waved.

The caution quickly flew again when Fred Winn’s car slowed with damage on the frontstretch and predictably Apel took the high lane on the restart as Griesbach now moved to the inside from second.

Berens was never challenged in the final laps and he drove to the victory.

Zoromski finished second followed by Brandon Tackes and Jayden Buckley. Tom Berens won the Super Beez heat race and also was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 13.852 seconds. won the 25-lap Slinger Bees feature over Al Strobel and Tyler De Porter.

Andy Welter advanced from deep in the field to finish second ahead of Jake Schraufnagel in third.

Adam Bleskan finished fourth and Joe Shelby was fifth.

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