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Skiing was my first love, the first thing I was ever really gifted at and would eventually be able to do as well as Dad and even exceed him.

I loved the pride in his voice when we would stop together, survey our path below, and he’d say,”Tear it up, Son! Anyone who has ever skied knows the downtime on the lift, coupled with a three hour drive each way, and the conversations that one might have the time to have. Even exceed his accomplishments as is the dream of all good fathers for their children.

My family and I have been friends with Buster and Jean forever. I found out when I was visiting in late September from Arizona.

This was the top honor in his company for sales people, the best of the best, and Dad had achieved this not once, but twice, often times making sales calls while battling symptoms, during hospital stays, and pushing through hurdles that would leave many people curled up in a ball.

As the sisters got older got married, and started raising children, we started each year to have a sister vacation. Lots of love ,sisters Suzie, I never met Paul but know how special he was to you and your family.

May God grant you peace and comfort as you go through the loss of your husband, and your family deals with the loss of a loved one. He shared a dining table with my late mother, Nova. What a truly wonderful man & an example of a wonderful Christian. Edgar faithfully attended Sunday School & Church at Fairview Baptist Church of Granbury. All of us at the Senior Center loved Alma, and will miss her.

I would call him after my day and recap my successes.

I knew he could sense in me that I had found my path, how I could make a living, and I could sense his pride.

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