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I just wish it had a pause button for when I'm unable to actually send messages within that 24 hour window. If you're looking to talk to someone and actually go on a date, I think Tinder's your best bet. I don't think it's the best user experience, and I definitely like using The League, but my best dating app dates have been Tinder ones.

I like that OKC gives you the option (but not requirement) to write a bunch, because then you know it's a red flag if someone writes more than a sentence for each question.

I can't be passive and wait for dudes to message me because I literally have to be the first one. I usually end up getting the most dates on Tinder over any of my other apps.

It's also upping my texting game because you've got to be clever to get someone decent to want to hang out. That being said, I probably talk more to people on Ok Cupid, but the chances of me meeting up with any of them in real life are slim. I've honestly never found it to be "the hookup app", but that's also not what I was using it for.

Ok Cupid because from my experience, most guys on there are actually looking to date, and the fact that it includes profiles and compatibility percentages it makes it a lot easier to gauge whether you'd get along with someone.

I love Bumble because it makes me get off my ass, so to speak. I tend to prefer Tinder, but I'm also not really looking for a serious relationship of any sort.

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