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Washington Governor Jay Inslee has an even more ambitious plan.

Inslee has come up with five options to force internet service providers in Washington to live up to net neutrality standards.

However, net neutrality is no less politically polarizing.

The FCC hearing room was cleared before the vote because of unruly protests.

Oregon has joined with a number of other states in the legal challenge to FCC’s action and, given the state’s history on internet openness, may look at legislative options in 2018, too.

The FCC anticipated state-level resistance and added a preemption clause. The main legal challenge will center on the FCC’s process, which included a public record featuring as many as 2 million bot-driven comments.

Perhaps the most aggressive option is to empower Washington public utility districts to offer internet service and compete with big-league telecommunications companies.

Washington lawmakers – from both political parties – aren’t far behind.

Operating results before taxes and interest (EBIT) also grew by more than 30 percent to 260 (previous year: 199) million EUR reflecting the growth of the group along the entire value chain.

By the same token net income for the year went up by 33 percent to 150 (previous year: 113) million EUR.

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Critics predict repeal of net neutrality will lead to paid prioritization of the internet and the resulting creation of a slow lane for those unwilling or unable to pay the freight for the fast lane.

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