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After Cobain’s mother learned that Pat was cheating on her, she dumped his rifle and gun collection in the river.Cobain observed his mother’s antics and later encouraged some of the neighborhood kids to fish his stepdad’s weapons out of the river.

The irony is that Cobain became one of the most widely emulated guitarists of the Nineties.He almost lost the guitar again when he loaned it to a drug dealer, but managed to repossess it a few months later.With this unknown guitar and the Peavey amp in hand, Cobain formed his first band, Fecal Matter, in late 1985.When he finally made it back to the rehearsal space a few months later, he found his guitar in pieces.He salvaged the neck, hardware and electronics and made a new body for the guitar in wood shop, but Cobain lacked the skills to make the restored instrument intonate properly.

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Later he acquired a replacement, but details about the guitar are unknown.

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