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As if you weren’t already aware…VALENTINES day is just around the corner and you like many others you may have this pit of anxiety about what you are going to do…where are you gonna go ?who is going to watch the kids…who is gonna make the dinner reservations.maybe you hate the day so you plan to spend it doing absolutely nothing but that’s NO FUN 🙁 So how are you suppose to be festive??

You and your preferred partner need to come up with a food Cuisine other than the one you’re use to eating all the time or one you’ve just never really cooked before.Once both dishes are done taste them & then you will decide who made the better dish, loser does something special for the winner if you know what i mean, I’m talking about the dishes lmao get your mind out of the gutter geeeeesh…lmao POPCORN & CHILL This ones SO BASIC getting on the couch and enjoying a good movie. Go to IMDB and search for highly rated movies I’m talking 9.0 or higher you will surely be less likely to hate the movie but if trashy movies are your thing you can definitely go for that too…and if you’re hanging out with someone and you simply can’t agree on a movie…how are you friends or lovers or whatever the reaosn why you choose to relax with each other on V day ?? Yes, I know this idea is cliche but I like to think that it’s a classic for a reason.You might fuck up on your movie choice but what you’re not allowed to do here is fuck up the popcorn because you know its the little things. We’re an independent, non-profit website that the entire world depends on. Dear Internet Archive Supporter, I ask only once a year: please help the Internet Archive today.

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