Updating pivot tables in excel 2016

You don’t have an option to create an independent pivot table.

Windows 7, Excel 2010 I have inserted data on a single worksheet that populates around 10 pivot tables, each on their own worksheet. One of the members of my team left and was replaced by a different person and so rows that contained that person's name needed to be updated.

My coworkers seem to think it is a sad reality, but I am wondering if there are alternatives I should be looking into.

Some thoughts I have had: Obviously if I could upgrade the server hardware I would, but I am merely an analyst with no such powers, so I don't think hardware improvements are a great option.

For example, you’d like Month grouping in one pivot table, and Quarter grouping in the other.

To use different grouping in each pivot table, you’ll need to create a separate pivot cache for each pivot table.

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Under "Retain items deleted from the data source" you'll likely see "Automatic" selected. Question: What would be the reason for keeping deleted data?

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